Asked Questions


Asked Questions

Introduction to Dairy Alternatives, Insects and Environmental Awareness

Are all dairy alternatives created equal?

Absolutely not. There are various factors that define the quality of a dairy alternative, including raw ingredients, final nutritional content, presence of additives and preservatives, and production processes. It is therefore important to become familiar with the labels on each bottle or carton you encounter.


Why should I consider making insects a part of my diet?

1. Insects are a very healthy source of nutrients, with high protein content and minerals that are essential for the human body. In the case of the insects we use, they contain high levels of zinc, calcium and iron, all of which are key deficiencies in both developed and developing countries.


2. The human population is predicted to grow by approximately 2 billion people over the next 30 years to a total of approximately 9.5 billion. And by 2050, cities across the globe will have 2.3 billion people more than today. There is simply no way that the existing dairy industry can scale up to feed such a booming population.


3. Industrial farming methods, whether for grains, vegetables or livestock, have depleted fertile soils of its nutrients in many regions around the world. In parallel, climate change, desertification and water scarcity are ever-increasingly straining previously fertile areas. In order to feed the next generation, we will have to rely on more than industrial or traditional farming.


Two billion people already consume insects as a part of their diet. The Western World has already adopted sushi, yoga, meditation, and numerous other Eastern habits. So why stop there?


And the best part: All of this is backed by science!



What is Hermetia illucens larvae?

Hermetia illucens larvae are commonly known as Black Soldier Fly larvae. The Black Soldier Fly differs from the regular fly in two important ways:


1. The larvae used in the process of making EntoMilk™ is one of nature’s biodigesters. They break down organic waste, return nutrients to the soil and in the process they become high in protein, unsaturated fats and other minerals — all necessary parts of a healthy diet.


2. Once the larvae turns into an adult Black Soldier Fly, it has no mouth and therefore cannot carry or spread diseases. The adults live for 5 to 8 days, focused only on finding a mate and reproducing.


Is EntoMilk sustainable and environmentally friendly?

These two concepts are often used interchangeably, however, there are slight differences. Sustainable is defined as “conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources” while environmentally friendly means “not harmful to the environment.”


When it comes to EntoMilk™, it ticks both boxes. EntoMilk™ is sustainable since the growth and production phases of the larvae use minimal energy and water. It is also environmentally friendly since we approach every situation with a cradle-to-grave mindset — also known as a life-cycle assessment.


Is EntoMilk™ healthier than regular milk?

EntoMilk™ is higher in proteins and unsaturated fats (the healthy type) than regular milk and, gram-for-gram, contains almost as much protein as red meat. And on top that off, the amino acid profile in EntoMilk™ is more desirable for the human body according to the World Health Organization Standards. In terms of minerals, it has higher levels of calcium, zinc and iron than regular milk. Unlike regular milk, it does not contain any sugars or carbs, making it a healthier alternative across the board.


Can I use EntoMilk™ in place of regular milk for cooking and baking purposes?

Most definitely!! EntoMilk™ has proven that it is interchangeable with regular milk in numerous different applications. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and check out our blog to stay informed about the different applications of EntoMilk™ in your kitchen.


How do you make EntoMilk™?

We wish that the process was as simple as designing and developing micro-scale insect-milking machinery, but that is not how we make EntoMilk™.


We are currently in the process of filing patents for the process and products. Therefore, we will not be able to disclose any details until such a time that our legal team determines it is appropriate to do so.


Allergies, Intolerances and Dietary Restrictions:

Could I be allergic to EntoMilk™?

As with any protein-rich food, you can be allergic to EntoMilk™. If you haven’t tried EntoMilk™ before, you should tread with caution if you are allergic to the following:


1. Insects. All insects are slightly different, so just because you are allergic to mites or bees, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be allergic to the insects we use in our product. However, you are at risk of having an allergic reaction if you drink EntoMilk™.


2. Strangely enough, if you are allergic to shellfish, there is a chance you could also be allergic to insects. While your allergy to shellfish does not mean that you are definitely allergic to insects, we strongly advise caution when attempting to consume EntoMilk™ and EntoMilk™-based products.


As a company, we have never had a customer show any allergic reactions to our products and we will continue to stay ahead of the curve as new medical research is published. If you want to stay informed with us, take a look at our blog or sign up for our monthly newsletter where we will post our most recent findings.


Is EntoMilk™ lactose-free? What about dairy-free?

EntoMilk™ (and our ice cream) is 100% lactose-free and dairy-free.


Is EntoMilk™ gluten free?

EntoMilk™ is gluten free. Our ice cream is also gluten free, with raw honey as a sweetener.


Is EntoMilk™ sugar and/or carb free?

EntoMilk™ contains no sugar or carbs. And for those who know their diets, EntoMilk™ is also Banting and Keto friendly.


Are EntoMilk™ products vegan and/or vegetarian?

We have received mixed feedback from numerous vegans and vegetarians, from the highly devoted to the part-timers. In most cases, each individual’s perspective on EntoMilk™ and our ice cream depends on their reason(s) for  making either of these lifestyle choices. Some people are forced to due to allergies or intolerances, while others do so because of environmental or animal welfare concerns. Whether you choose to accept our products as a part of your lifestyle should be a personal choice and we respect your choice either way.


Is EntoMilk™ halaal or kosher?

Unfortunately not.


Is EntoMilk™ suitable for infant consumption?

Currently there has not been enough research to make such a claim.


Is EntoMilk™ organic?

At this moment in time, EntoMilk™ is not a certified organic product.


Does EntoMilk™ contain GMO ingredients?

EntoMilk™ does not contain any GMO ingredients, and we will take steps in the near future to become certified GMO-free.


Gourmet Grubb

Why do you sell ice cream?

We believe ice cream is a great vehicle to introduce the public to the concept of insects as an alternative food source. It’s fun, delicious and demonstrates the palatability and versatility of EntoMilk™.


Is your ice cream also dairy-free, lactose-free and sugar-free?

Our Gourmet Grubb Ice Cream is dairy-free and lactose-free, however, we currently use raw honey as a sweetener. We are in the process of developing a sugar-free alternative.


Which ingredients do you use in your ice cream?

Our ice cream contains only raw and organic ingredients. All of the ice cream flavours contain raw honey as a sweetener. For our Chocolate flavour we add raw cocoa, for the Peanut Butter flavour we use certified organic peanut butter, and for the Chai Latte flavour, we use a combination of organic spices.

Where can you find us?

Where in SA can we find Gourmet Grubb?
We have launched our Insect Ice Cream in Cape Town and the surrounding areas!

Check out the Where to find us section on our About Us page to stay updated as we expand!

Are Gourmet Grubb products available outside of SA?

Unfortunately not yet, but we are working on it and soon we will land on numerous distant shores.

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