Leah Bessa

Leah has an MSc in Food Science and has worked with numerous large food corporations as part of their product development teams. She is able to develop creative products that adhere to superior standards by combining her commercial experience with her extensive research experience on insects as an alternative food source.

Jean Louwrens

Jean completed his BComm and Honours in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and has worked in both national and global operational capacities. His expertise in supply chain management and B2B logistics is key in driving our vision of a sustainable, environmentally friendly relationship with our planet.

Llewelyn de Beer

Llewelyn completed his BA in Visual Communication and has worked with a multitude of brands within the food and beverage sector. He is responsible for the construction and coordination of the Gourmet Grubb brand. He makes sure that what you see and hear only ads to what you taste.

Our Story

We are a few young entrepreneurs from South Africa, trying to change the world one scoop at a time. We have always dreamed of making a difference in the world and ensuring that every single one of us has a better future to look forward to. You hear stories of the 19th century researchers doing crazy experiments in their laboratories. Well, our early days were no different, except it started in a kitchen…

After Leah completed her Masters in Food Science, studying insects as a alternative source of protein, she joined forces with Jean to explore various avenues of introducing insects into the South African market. As true entrepreneurs do, they researched, created, and experimented with various products before finally focusing their efforts on the dairy alternatives industry.


Soon after, EntoMilk™ was born!

Our Mission

We want to redefine the way you thinks of insects as an alternative food source and, specifically, an alternative dairy product. By challenging the way you perceive insects, we can move away from the ‘novelty food’ aspects of insect-based foods and start integrating insects into our daily diets.

But we know change takes time and requires incremental steps, even more so when the change centers around what we eat and drink. By using ice cream as our vessel, we invite you to try something out of the ordinary and truly treat your senses.

Given our complete commitment to making insects a part of everyone’s diet, we are dedicated to walking an educational path with each of our customers and we invite you to reach out to us with any questions or comments. We will be publishing monthly blog posts to allow you to learn with us.

In the near future we will be supplying healthy, nutritious, sustainable and affordable dairy alternatives to the urban spaces near you.

Where to find us

We have launched our Insect Ice Cream in Cape Town and the surrounding areas.
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Click & Collect from our storefront in The Iron Works Building
Location: GOOD FOOD
The Iron Works Building
242 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7925


The Insect Experience, a concept store that brings the age-old idea of insects as a food source to the city of Cape Town in a stylish, innovative and experiential way.
Whether you’re a deep believer in insects as the future of food or just the Fear Factor-type, stop by and experience insects in a way that you never imagined possible!

Location: GOODWoodstock, located in the Iron Works building.


If you would like to serve our insect-based ice cream at your next event, please Contact Us. We serve festivals, corporate events and supply our product to event-based catering companies.



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