Gourmet Grubb, a brand.

Jean – “We’re making ice cream using insects.”

Me  – “Sorry, what?”

Leah – “It’s incredibly healthy.”

Me – “Come again?”

Jean – “It tastes amazing.”

Me – “Uhm…”

Leah – “Here you go…”

Me  – “Wow…”

Jean – “It’s good, right?”

Me  – “…more please.”

For the most part this sums up how I became involved in Gourmet Grubb. This also happens to be how most of our interactions with new customers go, but more on that later.

A few meetings and a couple of logo mockups later I was starting to see the bigger picture: the whole world, eating insects on a daily basis. A big ask? Maybe, but thanks to Leah and her amazing research the way forward was beginning to become clear. An image needed to be cultivated. A lifestyle needed to be visualized.  A brand needed to be built.

At that stage I had no experience in the world of food development whatsoever. I had no five-step plan that would take our product to all four corners of the map. What I had was a vision, given to me by Leah and Jean, and a need to involve myself with something I actually believed in. After working as a designer in the wine industry for close to a year, finding meaningful work was becoming a bit of a challenge. There is a lot to love about the wine business, but in a flooded market during the worst drought Cape Town has seen in a hundred years, I was beginning to wonder what kind of an impact I could actually make. Gourmet Grubb offered me the chance any creative individual dreams about: a market shattering product with an honest and sustainable message.  A slogan was beginning to develop in my mind — one that would go on to describe us perfectly time and time again: Honest, Fearless, Delicious.

Through all our challenges (and there have been quite a few) it is this message, along with the uncanny ability to “MacGyver” our way through any obstacle, that has seen us become the talking point of any and all events that we take part in. Well, that and the fact that we use bugs to make ice cream. We’re being honest, after all.

This novelty became our greatest strength and our biggest challenge. How do we introduce this new product to the market in a way that highlights its uniqueness while also making our treasured customers feel at home? This balance between the new and the familiar became our target and thus the brand was created.

Our ice cream might not be for everyone, but you’d be hard pressed to find a millennial who doesn’t share our values.  So if you’ve decided to embrace honesty, you’re a bit of a fearless daredevil, and you’re a fan of the innovative and delicious, try our scrumptious Bug Ice Cream.  I did. And I freakin’ loved it.

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